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Secure your online accounts with ProtonPass

Our lives have become incredibly convenient these days, with most of our shopping, communication, learning, collaboration, and entertainment occurring online. This often requires multiple accounts: one to watch movies, another to listen to music, one for your collaboration documents, and yet others for your work. Each time you change workplaces, you acquire another account.

How do you remember all these passwords? It’s simple; many people use the same one across all accounts. But how else could you possibly remember them?

A common way for hackers to infiltrate your life is to hack just one platform where you may have an account. They then try the same password and email—or variations of the email—on other platforms. If you've chosen to use the same password for everything, all your accounts could be compromised within minutes.

Security is about adding layers to make it increasingly difficult for your life to be turned upside down. You can do two additional things to protect your accounts:

  1. Add MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication), also known as 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication).

  2. Use a different password for every account.

However, these solutions come with their own challenges. First, you must manage all the OTP (One Time Password) tokens, which serve as your second factor. This often involves using a third-party app or your mobile phone number to receive time-based one-time passwords via SMS. Second, remembering all those different passwords is nearly impossible, leading many to resort to insecure methods like writing them down or storing them in unsecured notes or text files on their PCs.

Proton offers a unique, end-to-end encrypted solution to store and organize all your passwords and accounts effortlessly. You only need to remember one password, which is not stored anywhere but is used to decrypt your account details on your machine. Therefore, even if someone gains access to Proton's data sources, they won't be able to see anything. Just ensure the single password you need to remember is complex enough, and you should be good to go!

What about 2FA? ProtonPass covers that too, as it can also manage your 2FA configurations for all your accounts, with the same level of security and care.

To top it off, Proton also offers ProtonMonitor, which alerts you if any of your passwords are found circulating on the dark web, allowing you to take immediate action!

At Vaslabs LTD, we use Proton for everything, as we value the high levels of security it offers our communications and the tools it provides to keep us safe online! We highly recommend all of Proton products, secure email and VPN!

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